sports you've always wanted to try?


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here's an interesting thread.

what sport have you never played but want to try?

for me I have always wanted to play basketball/football (I have never played either) just to see how it feels, it looks liek a lot of fun and I'm not one of those stupid people that truly thinks that basketball and football are easy sports, I have seen the sports plenty of times, physically demanding, takes a lot of skill, they certainly seem like the sports for me.

I don't want any of you commenting on the fact that I have never played football or basketball, at least not on a team.


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I never continued baseball past 5th grade and it's always bothered me because I love the sport but I was a stubborn kid who was pissed that he wasn't the best.


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I've played pretty much every sport. I guess I'd like to play soccer. I haven't really played in an actual soccer game since I was little. I guess we played in gym class in high school, but nobody took it seriously.


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I've always really wanted to try Lacrosse. I don't know why, but it just seems like it would be really cool to play.


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american football, i reckon it would be cool to have a competitive game of that. I just don't like the whole defence or offence thing, a competitive game where everyone plays both sides would be sweet.