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After the discussion in the thread about the yankees fan being tasteless it got me to thinking of big sports rivalries. And there are alot, who are some of your favorite rivalries and which side are you on.

College Basketball - DUKE vs UNC - huge especially here in NC, I wear the Duke blue, I have been a fan of the Blue Devils since I was a child.

College Football - Ohio St. vs Michigan - I usually lean more towards Michigan in this one, Ohio St fans are some of the worse.

NFL - Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys - I have always pulled for the Skins and will until the day I leave this place we call earth, and even in death I will have my Skins hat or shirt with me already told the wife to make sure of it.


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I can't stand Carolina, so I always cheer for Duke.

I'm a diehard Ohio State fan, so my choice is an easy one for that.

I don't take rivalries in professional sports seriously. They just don't compare to the ones in college.

Other good college rivalries...

Miami vs Florida State
Alabama vs Auburn
USC vs Notre Dame
Army vs Navy
Oklahoma vs Texas

I usually cheer for the underdog in most of those games.


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i hate it when people cheer for the underdog for no other reason than just because their the underdog. (im not directing this at echoes, just throwing it out there)

the biggest rivalry for me is the Louisville Cardinals vs.the kentucky wildcats. i always root for the cardinals.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
i hate it when people cheer for the underdog for no other reason than just because their the underdog. (im not directing this at echoes, just throwing it out there)
Well in a sport like college football it always helps my team when the underdogs win because of how the polls work. It's hard to move up the rankings when the teams ahead of you aren't losing.
Of course the OSU/Michigan rivalry needs to be brought up in a conversation of great rivalries. I can't wait for the game this year.

I'll also bring up the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. Those two teams hate eachother. The Bengals and Steelers is a decent one as well.


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Cards over Cubs
Michigan over Ohio St
Red Sox over Yankees
UNC over Duke
Dodgers over Giants
Browns over Stealers
Redskins over Cowboys
Avalanche over Red Wings
Maple Leafs over Canadians (barely, I like both)
Celtics over Lakers
Auburn over Alabama
Mizzou over Kansas

To name a few


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I don't take rivalries in professional sports seriously. They just don't compare to the ones in college.

I usually cheer for the underdog in most of those games.
I agree, however when I say professional sports I mean Premiere league Majors. Mainly because I can recall a minor league rivalry that introduced me to sports rivalries. Back when the WCHL was still around, our Fresno Falcons here had a HUGE rivalry with the Bakersfield Condors. Theres a freeway/highway that connects our two towns and so thus the rivalry was dubbed "The Battle for 99". I found a cool article that basically sums up the rivalry:

It was a no-brainer when the Fresno Falcons named the Bakersfield Condors as their new "hated rival" after the demise of the "evil Gulls" from San Diego. Really now, hasn't there always been a rivalry between Fresno and Bakersfield?

Even without involving pucks, the two cities for decades have been rivals for supremacy in sports -- and culture -- along the Highway 99 corridor.

Fresnans share a few things with their neighbor to the south -- such as bad air. Fresno ranks No. 4 in the U.S. in ozone pollution, but Bakersfield ranks No. 1. So, we've got them there.

To prepare you for the Falcons and Condors beginning the ECHL's Kelly Cup playoffs today in Bakersfield, here's a look at the Valley's big-city rivalry.
With apologies to Charles Dickens, let's call it A Tale of Two Cities.

Agri-urban sprawl​
Fresno: 461,116 (2005 census population estimate)
Bakersfield: 295,636

Why Fresno is better: Big city vs. small town, with a wink and a nod to Clovis

Quirky, endearing symbol​
Fresno: Underground Gardens
Bakersfield: Buck Owens Boulevard
Why Fresno is better: Baldassare Forestiere is a poetic name; Buck Owens ... not so much

Pro football claim to fame​
Fresno: David Carr, Fresno State
Bakersfield: David Carr, Stockdale High
Why Fresno is better: Carr blossomed as a Bulldog

Famous vocalist​
Fresno: Audra McDonald, Tony Award winner
Bakersfield: Buck Owens, "Hee-Haw" picker-grinner
Why Fresno is better: Opera beats Opry every time

Cultural attraction​
Fresno: Metropolitan Museum
Bakersfield: "Black Gold: The Oil Experience" exhibit at the Kern County Museum
Why Fresno is better: More sophisticated, less messy

Literary references​
Fresno: William Saroyan and Gary Soto
Bakersfield: "The Grapes of Wrath" and "The Onion Field"
Why Fresno is better: Native-son poets beat mere city references

Underappreciated TV series​
Fresno: "Fresno," (1986), a miniseries spoof of the popular evening soap operas "Dallas" and "Dynasty," featuring a raisin-empire family. It starred Carol Burnett, Dabney Coleman, Teri Garr and Charles Grodin.
Bakersfield: "Bakersfield P.D." (1993), a quirky cop drama in which a D.C. policeman joins the Bakersfield police department populated by weirdos and imbeciles. It starred Chris Mulkey and Brian Doyle-Murray.
Why Fresno is better: "Fresno" is Grodin at his wackiest

Hockey claim to fame​
Fresno: Falcons won West Coast Hockey League's Taylor Cup in 2002
Bakersfield: Keith Gretzky, brother of Wayne, coached the Bakersfield Fog its first three years, from 1995-98; the Fog changed its name to the Condors in 1998
Why Fresno is better: A real cup is better than hockey royalty

The Mascots​
Fresno: Freddy Falcon
Bakersfield: Colonel Claw'd
Why Fresno is better: A fierce bird of prey beats a storklike critter any day

Favorite fan silliness​
Fresno: When the announcer says, "Bakersfield is skating at full strength," fans yell, "And they still suck!"
Bakersfield: Fans like to heckle the opposing goalie. When that doesn't work, they chant "Ref, you suck!"
Why Fresno is better: Much more clever

Average attendance​
Fresno: 5,116
Bakersfield: 5,848
Why Fresno is better: There's much more to do here

original article


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The best rivalry for me as to be Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs. They play each other eight times a year and by the third game it gets really heated between the two teams, and you always know it's going to be a competetive game. One of the biggest rivalries in Sports in my opinion.


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They play each other eight times a year
One of the things I love about college football rivalries is that they only play once a year. An entire year of bragging rights and the anticipation and hype leading up to the next game is huge. Who cares about the Yankees and Red Sox when they play each other 20 times a year?