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Whats Your favorite sports car?

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Do What Thou Wilt
What is your favorite brand of Sports Car? Do you prefer body over performance? Performance over gas mileage? Any other factors?

Me, myself, am into Aston Martins. Particularly, the One-77. They are beautiful cars, with phenomenal performance to boot. According to Automotive Weekly, when a journalist went to the factory to check it out, when turned over it set off car alarms in the Garage. Some great stuff right their.



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my favorite sports car even though some people consider it a sedan is a tie between BMW and Audi theres just something about both off those cars, there so clean! anyone seen the new audi that just came out!? fabulous! Another car that i think is very nicely engineered and really starting to look good over the years are volvos their so classy! anyone else share my passion for those 3 cars?! i also think mercedes are nice but can be a bit pretentious or flashy, what are your thoughts?


Do What Thou Wilt
None of those are sports cars (however, they do make sports cars). I do like all of those though. I do think that if major sports cars manufacturers made low budget sedans they would be vastly popular though.
id class them all as supercars and my vote would of gone to lamborghini
sports cars to me is small sporty cars ie lotus elise, honda S2000, i wouldnt class an aston martin as a sports car, exotic or supercar yeah



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I've always loved Audi. The RS6 is probably my favorite. Or the RS4. I think they have a good combination of styling, performance, luxury, and practicality.