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Wii Spore coming to Wii


Registered Member
Report: Spore planted on Wii - Wii News at GameSpot

Will Wright has confirmed spore coming to Wii

this was a title I wanted, was planning on getting a 360 for it, but now I dont have to anymore! Alsong with the DS version, I hope he adds some connectivity to it

the graphics dont matter, I just want to create my own 'digital beings'


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Staff member
I'm still not sure how good this game will be. It's been said it could be one of the best games ever.. It doesn't look like anything I'd want to play so far. Maybe I just like games that I am already used to.

I'd check this out though if I had the chance. I want to see what all the hype is about.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm totally interested because the game is going to be so massive, and so involving. It's going to be a fresh type of game, and would probably sell massive amounts if marketed correctly.

Putting it on the Wii was a great idea.


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your supposed to live and evolve. thats as far as I know, watch some more of the vids on youtube.

you gotta admit that Robin Williams vid was poretty cool and funny as HE double hockey sticks