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Sponsor request for artist at 2 art shows


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My husband did this last year and got a good response. He had three sponsors. 1 silent sponsor, 1 materials sponsor-the company who printed the signs, and one major sponsor- a gallery. The Gallery made $10,000 more in revenue thanks to their sponsorship. This is because not only did have their name listed in the main spots, but they armed us w/their own postcards to have at the table. This was so important. Those people referred to the show as to how they learned about the gallery.


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Hello everyone!

I am contacting you all to let you know to first thank you for your interest in the sponsorship an artist for 2 art shows. There are 3 days left for auction # 5635751823. :-o Remember this is a great opportunity to get your online business acknowledged from very well to do business owners and individuals. I also want to let you know that E-bay is also very among these individuals. Especially the housewives and stay home mothers of these wealthy individuals. So please that on mind.

Like WooHoo Mystery Man always says you have to spend money to make money. And to start marketing your business to a different geographical location is ideal to generate new business. Not to mention getting a high quality giclee for a well respected artist from this community how has been receiving a lot of media attention is a plus. Our local media has also helped in generating interest and patronage to people like the Virgin Mary Grill Cheese Lady, The Ghost Cane & Human Ad-Space, Andrew Fisher and businesses like GP and October Gallery. I know there is a potential for you to get new business whether is be an E-bay business or regular business. I know many of you have charitable organizations that you are marketing as well . These are also welcomed. Remember the first show is in December & it is close to the ending of tax time for 2005. So by all means this too would benefit you as well.

Right now our silent sponsor from last year is in the lead but has not met the reserve. She like many of you is an extremely loyal customer. Especially with our art auctions. :nod:

Good luck to you all. :D