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Oh, poppycock.
Simply question you can go off about it as you please but:
What do you think of Spongebob?

:lol:Yes, I'm serious.


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i think that the antics of the charectar quite funny, but i also think they should just make it a adult toon... the carectars say "holy shit" opposed to "holy mother of pearl." theres just so much the producers could try that i believe would make so much easier to follow and funnier.

overall i give it a gracious 3 of 5.
I thought the show was actually pretty well written for a kiddy show. It kind of reminded me of Ren and Stimpy...without the gore or raunchy-ness.

And I know what you're all going to say: "Ren and Stimpy was ONLY gore and raunchy-ness" and to that I say "Fuck off, it still reminds me of the fucking show."

Oh, and I hate his laugh.


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It annoyed the shit out of me when it first came out. I saw a few episodes last year because a housemate of mine loved the show and that raised my interest level to "meh" and that's basically where it's at now.


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Spongebob = win.

There are a few things that annoy me, and I hate the really childish ones (I said the really childish ones, lol), but overall I think it's awesome.

But the film? I would make love to the film. I would have the films babies. I would pair all the film-babies off with other uber awesome films to make incredible, unbelievably amazing film-baby-babies. And thus the cycle would begin.

That is how win the film is. I fucking LOVE the film. There's a 'sad' bit in the middle that I could practically shed a tear for. It's just plain amazing.

I could go on all day about the film, so I'll quit right here, with the final message: Spongebob The Movie is win.



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This show is amazing. I don't know why. It seems so childish and stupid on the outside, but it's still funny and zany and A former friend of mine was like super obsessed with it and knew like every line from every episode and anything and everything super obscure. Sigh.:sick:


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Spongebob can make me laugh every once in a while. A better cartoon with that Ren and Stimpy style, though, is Flapjack. If you haven't seen it, go watch that show. It's freakin' great.