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This thread will have spoilers throughout and I don't think we need to bother with spoiler tags.


Seriously, this is the only spoiler tag I will use in this thread. You have been warned. Get out if you haven't seen the movie.


So who has seen it? I have to say I was totally impressed. Aside from soem cheesy one line extras the acting was superb.

The Joker was exactly like I expected him to be after seeing the trailers. I also liked how he had several stories about his scars. It would be just like the joker to not care enough about the truth to just leave people guessing, like a game.

I was actually surprised when Rachel was killed. That part was not very predictable for me. I've read the comics but I didn't expect that to happen in the 2nd movie.

As for Two Face. he was awesome. I actually expected to see him as a major villain in the next movie and halfway expected them to turn and find that he was gone at the end. Like Batman is gone in several scenes mid conversation. Who knows, maybe he'll be in the next one but he did appear to be dead.

I didn't find the Bat bike to be cheesy. I really liked how it was the escape pod of sorts to the tumbler.

Man, so much movie to take in. My thoughts are dispersed.

The Joker was awesome. Heath Ledger will go down in history as one of the most tragic losses in movie history. He died way too early and I hate to think of the work he could have done had he had 50 more years. That's a loss we will all have to live with. I think the Dark Knight can easily sum up his legacy though. He's been in some great movies but this movie didn't even seem like him half the time. He was so in tune with the character that it was as if they found an actual psychotic killer to play the part of the Joker.



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The movie was awesome, Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker perfectly, I liked how he was scary and tough, I loved it when he's like to the gang members you want to see a magic trick, and he's like watch this disapear and someone attacks him and he shoves it into the persons face. He was crazy and scary, which is what a Joker is in my opinion.

I have to admit that I jumped when they were looking out the window and the fake Batman appeared.

I love the jail cell moment, when Batman was beating him up and The Joker kept laughing and asking him to play his little game.

Man there's so much to discuss, one of the best movies I've ever seen, hands down.


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Fucking. Amazing.

I really can't find another way to explain it. The audience cheered when the Joker's "magic pencil" trick was performed though.


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I was a little disappointed with the Scarecrow's "cameo". It almost would have been better if he wasn't even in the movie. I mean it was like 10 seconds. Why bother?

The CG work on Two Face was extremely impressive. They probably had to put a green screen on half of his face and completely recreate his eye and mouth (half) digitally. They didn't show him much so I figure it was an insane amount of work to get those few scenes that he was shown.

The disappearing pencil trick was pretty good. Unexpected for sure. I thought maybe he was going to stab it into somebody but I didn't see the head pounding coming.


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Ok I will start with the Joker: Heath Ledger did a fantastic job. He was creepy, disturbingly funny and over the top just like the joker should be. Throughout the movie he had countless one liners and hilarious moments like when he was dressed as a nurse and was blowing up the building.

Now for Batman: Christian Bale did a great job but I still say his "Batman" voice bothers me. I felt he brought a lot more depth to the role other than the grieving son.

Things I would like to note:
I feel there will be a sequel for one major reason: we need to see the batcave.
I think that this is the best movie of the year


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i just saw it about an hour ago and i hae to say, it was all i thought it would be, and then some.

Heath Ledger was amazing, and was my favorite joker of all time.

The Bat Bike was one of my favorite things about this movie, I love how it just popped off of the tank/batmobile car thing.(im not sure what its called lol)

I too was thoroughly supprised when Rachel was killed, and two face was a slight supprise too.

I will agree that the movie could have done without some of those cheesey one-liners.

all in all it was a great movie, one of the best i've seen for a long time.


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There's defenitely going to be another movie after this, the way they ended it where Batman is running away from the authorities, theres no way there not going to make another one.

I cannot imagine what Heath Ledger had to do for this role, he looked completely insane in the entire movie. Which is a good thing because he sold his character.

For some reason I don't believe Two Face is dead, I believe he's going to be in the next one for some reason. He cannot just be in the movie for 30 minutes then just vanish.

Man just an incredible movie.
The movie was as close to perfect as you can get. One of the little things that really made me love it was how they brought back Cillian Murphy for a cameo reprisal of the Scarecrow. It really helped lend a sense of continuity to the movie.

The Joker was fan-fucking-tastic. The magic trick was amazing in that is showed, in one quick act, how evil and humorous the Joker really is. That one scene basically is the perfect example of what the Joker is in my mind. I liked how they basically incorporated a bit of "The Killing Joke" comic arc into the movie, with the Joker basically trying to prove that one really bad day can make anyone go crazy, but they made him do it to Dent instead of Gordon.

Speaking of, I really loved Aaron Eckhart as Dent in this movie. I think his change was a sudden, but it still worked rather well in my mind. I was kinda disappointed to see him (most likely) die, because I think they could have made him a really good central villain in the next one, but it makes sense that they had him die with how they ended it.


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For some reason I don't believe Two Face is dead, I believe he's going to be in the next one for some reason. He cannot just be in the movie for 30 minutes then just vanish.
I even waited until after the credits to see if there was a hint of Two Face not being dead but no dice.

They kind of declared his death about as fast as the fake Gordon death though so who knows. Maybe he'll still be around.

They did a fairly good amount with him as Two Face though. He could be kind of the "Scarecrow" of this movie as the Scarecrow was in the last one. Not the main villain but around enough to make a presence. Two Face is definitely main villain material though. I'd be somewhat disappointed if this was the first and last we saw of him in Nolan's movies but it wouldn't be the end of the world.


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I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. I expected greatness from The Dark Knight and it gave me perfection. Heath Ledger is the man. The way he portrayed The Joker like that was a work of art. He was actually insane in this movie and by far one of the best acting i've seen in a very long time. The way he stood in the middle of the road while Batman was coming towards him at full speed with his bike was soo kool. That whole scene was out of this world. Christian Bale was still great as the Batman, and like everyone else I have to give credit to Harvey Dent "Two Face" who played an amazing role as well. What I really like is that they evolutionize Batmans character. New suit, new bike, and a few new weapons/devices was simply perfect. I have no complaints about the movie, and i'll be seeing it atleast 2-3 more times at the theatre.