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Split ihnen Haare


Registered Member
Yeah - Split them hairs -
Be that nit-picker.

This is in reference to people I've met, and there are many, I know a load at work never mind everywhere else, and well, it regards people who moan and nit-pick and gripe over petty shit. I really dislike this sort of thing. I much prefer to moan and back-up the thing I'm moaning about with reasonable reasons or at least moan about something that is probably worth moaning about.

Are you a nit-picking hair splitter? And be honest...
And why do you reckon there is a need in some people to endlessly moan in this manner? It does happen, it really does.
I mean, I reckon I can be from time to time, I try to control myself and keep it as seldom as possible, mostly because I feel a bit ashamed of myself for stooping to the level in which I have to moan about my cup of tea being too milky or something as insignificant as this.


Registered Member
I nitpick, but I'm not usually moaning about anything when I do. They're two separate topics, as far as I'm concerned. Someone can moan and not nitpick, and someone can nitpick and not moan. Someone could do both, but they're still separate things.

I'm not entirely sure why I do it - some of it may be because I'm sometimes a poor communicator, and some of it may be just a desire to be as accurate as possible.


still nobody's bitch
There's a difference between being a perfectionist and being a whiner. I can be nitpicky about things (particularly grammar and spelling but I guess I don't need to tell you guys that) but I try really hard not to whine and moan about shit that doesn't matter.


Sally Twit
I don't think I am too picky about things but other people may disagree. The only one who I think would suffer from me moaning is my partner. I don't do it on a regular basis but one thing I am guilty of is moaning about one thing and then it leading on to something else that isn't even related. It drives him mad.


Are you a nit-picking hair splitter? And be honest..
Not at all but my manager at work sure and it is driving us NUTZ while the other store manager doesn't nit pick at all.

I am on a forum site about retail and 1 mod will nit pick you to death as he seems to screen your post/thread in detail so I may add that forum to the list of those I was banned from or told to stick it <grin>


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I can do both if I want to but it's tiring so I avoid doing them. I don't know how people do it effortlessly and on a regular basis.