Splinter Cell series

So does anybody besides me play this game series at all? And can you wait for the next game to come out?



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I have played every single installment, its one of my all time favorites. I read the book series also.

I can wait for the next game... because its not going to be on the PS3. Im pissed beyond belief. I just cant believe they'd release it solely on the 360... I mean seriously... its almost enough for me to go out and buy one just because of this damn game! That and I could actually play most of you considering no one has a PS3.
The last game (Double Agent) I got pissed because I found out they made 2 completely different versions and I bought the PS2 version.

But now when the next one comes out I gotta shell out close to $500 to get the PS3 and a new game.


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I used to love Splinter Cell, but I haven't played the most recent ones. I don't think I have the patience for it anymore.


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The last game (Double Agent) I got pissed because I found out they made 2 completely different versions and I bought the PS2 version.

But now when the next one comes out I gotta shell out close to $500 to get the PS3 and a new game.

I know its been a while.... but last I checked the newest upcoming version "Conviction" is gonna be 360 exclusive.

if you're looking to purchase a consol because of this series... you'll be seriously disappointed if you buy the PS3 in anticipation of this game.

Confirmed: Splinter Cell: Conviction not coming to PS3 - Splinter Cell: Conviction for Xbox 360 News - VideoGamer.com
Well the companies continue to fail the fans again.

Anyway I can say that I liked Double Agent the best out of the series.


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I love Splinter Cell! My brother and I completed the co-op on Double Agent before either of us completed the game. We have different talents so i'd end up doing anything technical (hacking mostly) and he'd be the first to enter rooms and take out anyone in it.

All the games i've played are great and Sam Fisher is an ace character!
One of Sam's best lines IMO:

"How much pressure do you think your throat can handle?" It was from the last game when I was in Iceland
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Double Agent was a great addition to the series, several new game mechanics made it easier for me to get into.

I have read a few things about the new Splinter Cell and from what I hear it is going to be amazing. Mostly because of the new game engine, it showed some stills from the animation of interacting with different objects which really told me that it is going to be an all new type of game. First of all he is not going to be in his secret operative suite anymore, he will be in more casual military gear and will be showing off his grayish hair.

The way the game mechanics will differ from the previous games is an advanced melee system. What really made me excited was the screens where it showed him pick up a chair off the ground and he throws it at an enemy while at a constant pace walking towards him.

This is going to be more of a gritty game in a sense of the main character being older and not as stealthy as he use to be. Think of Sam Fisher being more of a military die hard going in to accomplish goals for a more personal reason.

One thing that's good about 360 exclusivity is that you know MS is paying off Ubisoft to make the game damn amazing and worthy of an Xbox purchase.


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I own and have played all the Splinter Cells.

The first one was very good but extremely annoying. Pandora tommorrow got rid of all the annoying problems and glitches that one had but the story was relatively weak and the game was short.

Now Chaos Theory IMO is the best of the franchise. This one was chalk full of dark levels and the environments were built for sneaking around. (Realistically there shouldn't have been that many shadows ever). But it made for some really fun gameplay.

Double Agent took a different direction but I found the story more compelling and interesting while the gameplay drastically different. I thought it was cool sneaking around the terrorist facility and I enjoyed the snow levels. I missed the darkness meter though. The creators decided to go with more mainstream mechanics for the people that grabbed the 360 versions. While the xbox version was completely different and more like Chaos Theory.

Well Shanghai studios made Double Agen and Pandora, while Montreal made Splinter Cell 1 and Chaos Theory.

I prefer Montreal's games thus far and guess who is making Conviction? That's right Montreal.