Spit or Swallow


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Once you're finished chewing gum, do you spit it out or swallow it?

I swallow it when I'm lazy and I hope I don't choke.
I don't think you have to worry about choking on it, but I've heard it isn't good for digestion (or something, I don't remember). I used to swallow it a lot, but don't any more.

Fucker :lol: Either you did that purposely, or my mind is truly in the gutter.
Yeah, I immediately thought that this thread could be going in one of two ways...


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Yeah definitely not swallowing it. Besides, it's much more fun to spit it at something. Also, this thread title should be placed in the, "Too many awful innuendos" section.
i swallowed my gum starting in 7th grade when my sub teacher for science said that if you swallowed it youd get your appendix out.... i didnt believe her but now i do. nuff said