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aka ginger warlock
I wasn't sure if this belonged in the spiritual section, lifestyle etc so I thought I will place this here. For years spirits etc have been the thing of fairy tales and horror movies and some have worked.

What interests the most is where these stories come from, in a lot of eastern cultures from what I have read and seen is these stories and myths are based in reality, they have to come from somewhere surely and I think this is remarkable, not all demons are evil, not all demons are trying to pull you through your TV set or get you when you are asleep but this is something that I love reading about.

Does this interest you? Do you find the idea interesting or terrifying, do you think it is all in peoples heads or have you ever had an experience to lead you to believe it is real?


Registered Member
I don't believe it is real, although I believe that there are alot of people who 'make' it real. Because they believe it so much they start hallucinating and such.

Someone I knew said one of her friends mum's saw a beheaded head on top of a truck, and that there was a spirit in her back yard who would always do the laundry.

This is in Japan where these kind of creepy stories are even more prominent than in the UK and America, so more people believe it and are creeped out by it. Me though, I'm a bit of a realist and don't believe in it haha


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I do believe that to a point they're real. People who say that they are always seeing things, I definitely think it's BS. All those reality shows, fake. I do believe if people have something unfinished they'll wander until it's done.

My cousin, when we lived with her when we first moved back over here, one night was laying in bed and she said she had heard foot steps coming around her bed. She pulled the covers over her head and then heard her name being called by her mothers voice. She screamed and ran down stairs to get my mom but she was already on her way up when she heard her scream.

So like I said, I believe in them to an extent.


New Member
I definatly believe in ghosts , angels I have seen both. I once encountered stuff that was unexplainable. I have heard footsteps in places tht are abandoned.Ive had doors open with no explanation and there was no wind or nobody on the other side.

Ive also been in a graveyard at nite and to have only one set of sprinklers turn on when I screamed and ran away they turned off.Its too tripy not to think paranormal or spirits were behind it. I have seen many ghosts since a kid. I believe you have to have a open mind and not be afraid to see things

Has anyone else had any encounters ? I would love to hear them :)


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Dunno what they are but I think they're real. But forget reality tv. I don't believe any of that. And I don't think very many peeps have actually seen or heard them.

I have 3 reasons for thinking they're real.
1. People don't know anything about what happens after death.
2. Things happen that even science can't explain.
3. I've never seen one but I think I had 2 experiences.

2. One documented example: I read about an actual experiment that was made a long time ago. A man was put in an isolation box in an airplane. The box had shock absorbers that prevented him from being able to sense the motion of the plane. It was also soundproof and there was no way to see through it. He was strapped to a seat and the only thing he could do was talk to the pilots in the cockpit.
The airplane flew in different directions and it was a long flight. But every time they asked the man what was underneath the plane, he described it exactly the way it was in detail.
I read that in one of dad's old college textbooks. I'll find it and add it as a reference later.

3. We live in a rural area and our nearest neighbor is like maybe half a mile away. Three different times in the past 2 years I have heard footsteps in the house at night. When I checked to see who it was, everyone was asleep and we don't keep pets in the house.
The other time was when me and dad were home alone. Dad put something on the counter in the kitchen. I had to go to my room to get something and before I got back, it was missing. I think it was a box of crackers but I don't remember 4 sure. Anyway, we both went to look for it and when we got back to the kitchen, it was on the counter again. That was totally weird.

I think both of those were really creepy but not that scary. I even went back to sleep after I heard the footsteps the last time. No probs. And yeah, I kinda like ghost movies but not as much as sci-fi. I love sci-fi! :D


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I do believe in ghosts and spirits. Don't know about demons, they would be the meanass things and I haven't met one of them yet. I have felt a presence, or spirit if you will, a time or two in my room. I often feel it's my Mother. It's just a soothing feeling and a misty vision, if you could say you see anything. I have never been scared to death of a ghost, but I believe they are out there, somewhere.


I keep on hearing strange stories about ghosts and demons. I'm not sure if they're real but most of the time I think they are a reproduction of human mind.

I do get afraid when people say they have felt a spirit's presence lol. That sounds strange to me.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I go along the same lines as Bob in that I think they are real to an extent and all those ridiculous television shows about them are complete bull. I have never encountered one that I know of and I'm not sure I'd know even if something happened.

Fact of the matter is that this isn't something I think about much. Maybe they are real and maybe they aren't; hell if I know.


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I do believe in, and have experienced, 'ghosts'. I can't explain them - I'm atheist and don't necessarily believe in any kind of afterlife - but I know what I've experienced in the past.


Problematic Shitlord
I believe there's simply other levels of existing in this world that we cannot comprehend. The most fucked up shit to me is EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomena which.