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Spirited Away


Registered Member
Just wanted to know what you guys and gals thought of this movie. I personally like Haku he was pretty tight as a dragon. I didn't think I would like the movie but an hour in I was hooked lol.


Ah yes, spectacular film. At first I thought it was a child's movie so I never watched it. Then it came on Cartoon Network and took the place of some of my fav shows... so I was forced to watch it! Contrary to what I first thought, it was a great movie.

I love the animation and story, it's just awesome. Haku was definitely cool too, kinda confusing what he really is though, lol.


i thought it was ok. i watched it too amny times it wasnt as fun to watch anymore. i liked the dragon/boy and the small black dusty thingy=]


Yes, I'm one other fan of Spirited Away. Wonderful characters, I have to say. Haku is pretty cool but I like... Zaniba and No Face. Zeniba's really nice and so is No Face until he got a little obsessed with Chihiro...


Forum Drifter
My favorite anime movie. It's awesome. I love the soot balls haha.


The movie was wonderful and I was so happy when I was able to see it in theaters. Even though there weren't many people when we went, but at least there were some. I really liked how it was created with all these different kinds of characters. It was beautifully created story and a movie that I feel I may never get tired of watching.


Ms. Malone
I bought it on DVD, i didn't think i would like it but it's very interesting. The soot balls are so cute ^_^.


I liked this movie a lot. It was really different, but it sorta leaves you hanging here and there.
There was a lot of complaint about the way the film was treated, on another forum I've browsed. The members complained although it was nominated to be awarded for best film (I forget what exactly), it was overlooked being it was a foreign film. Anyone remember where this may have been nominated?