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Spirit/tomato control



Yea, i like the idea of it, submitted to metagame, lol maybe it'll get reviewed there. Anyways, tell me what you guys think

Spirit/Tomato Control

Monsters- 21
3 inaba the white rabbit
2 azura priest
2 susa solider
1 tsukuyomi
2 spirit reapers
2 mystic tomato
1 lvl 2
1 DD warrior lady
2 mobius the frost monarch
1 mag of faith
1 sangan
1 breaker the magical warrior
1 don zaloog
1 penguin solider

Magic- 13
2 spring of rebirth
2 swaps
2 mystic box
1 dark hole
1 heavy storm
2 smashing ground
1 scapegoat
1 snatch steal

3 sakurestu armor
1 bottomless trap hole
1 traphole
1 torrential tribute
1 dust
1 widespread ruin


This Deck Is Genius

Id Do - Trap Hole + Wide Ruin but thats just my prefrence

9/10 for being origional