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Spinning Buildings


Endangered Species
I saw this on the TV earlier. Not sure I fancy going in one but they do look awesome from the outside. The article I saw was about a building in Moscow this one appears to be Dubai but its the same crazy concept, I hope they become reality.
YouTube - Plans for First Rotating Skyscraper Unveiled


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I can only assume that it goes so slow that you don't even notice because some people get motion sickness and I'll be that'd be horrible if you got a few hundred of them in there and let er rip.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
That's pretty crazy. I've always been interested in architecture so I love seeing stuff like this. I'm not sure I'd want to live in a rotating skyscraper though.


its almost like the Seattle Space Needle, only fully-functional and not a tourist trap.
i love the idea :) I want to see it built.


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I have to say that's one of the coolest buildings I've ever seen. I really hope they do this. I'd like to see some of those in the US too so I can have a chance to see one in person.


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The Dubai building is scheduled first (of course lol). But yeah this is neat. But how will they work elevators and stairs? I assume the middle will house all of that. But another question is how will they work out water and sewage? Also the Dubai building is $3,000 per square foot with apartments ranging from $40,000 to 4 million.


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Yeah really cool and would love to see it built, but the problem is, the more moving part in something the better chance of breaking. I can just imagine how big of a lemon the first one will be.


The Hierophant
I want to see that thing built so I can watch it twist into awesome shapes. But it'd have to be in one of those time lapse videos since I don't want to watch a building slowly spin all day.

I'd also like to see one crumble like a tower of Jenga blocks.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Now that's a trip! I would so live in one of those if I had the cash.

What a cool idea..I hope to see it some day.