Spill, Baby, Spill!


Sultan of Swat
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As you know the oil spill is a big issue right now and I read this blog that you guys might find interesting. I know some of these are hit or miss for you guys, but I like posting these because for the most part they create good discussion.

411mania.com: Politics - Spill, Baby, Spill!


Change the World
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I'm definitely wondering what all of the "Drill baby, drill" proponents will have to say. Probably that the environment is secondary to U.S. citizens being able to fill up their Hummers. Getting oil like this, domestic or foreign, is not worth the price of this environmental damage.

When President Obama announced some selective offshore drilling, I was disappointed but decided to give it a chance. This is a good wakeup call to me that drilling is not worth the price. I hope (big time) that The President will cancel the additional offshore drilling as soon as possible. Dependence on Oil (and on things like coal) can and will be debated, but inaction is causing a slowdown of our progress toward renewable energy and better transportation.

People talk about American Ingenuity all the time, and I agree. We have a great work ethic and great creativity. I'm optimistic that someday this will lead to widespread alternate energy. The problem as that oil companies (and other corporations promoting harmful energy sources) are constantly lobbying and fighting that sort of progress.

Simply put: This environmental tragedy is wrong, and is not tolerable for any reason. It is our responsiblity. It's not just some random accident to be forgotten, it's a reflection of how we treat the planet. It's also a reflection of how we carry ourself as a world power. What kind of influence do we want to be on nations that are just coming into their own, and to our peers? Offshore drilling isn't worth the risk to life and the environment. The proof is in the ocean right now, and it breaks my damn heart that people will just write it off and may not use it as a time of self-examination for our country's energy policy. I hope I'm wrong.