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Movies Spiderman vs Xmen vs Batman Begins

The Best Film

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I know. I've done quite a number of these random film poll things. Yet some folk answer them and I do like to see the replies. So... here's another. You may well expect a bunch of others like this in future.

The poll options for this brain-picking session ask you which is the best film of the old comic type genre thing that's going on. Didn't wish to post it in comic movies bit, as discussion may or may not filter into non-comic book films - e.g. some sort of discussion about Nolan's other projects.

-- So, anywho... Which film do you consider best? We're discounting sequels here, and just focussing on the original entry to the comic movie franchise in question, although you may discuss the sequels at your leisure if you so wish:

Spiderman - The original outing with the webbed bloke, directed by Sam Raimi, and pitting the hero against the nasty bloke known as Hobgoblin.

X-Men - In which Bryan Singer amassed a bunch of stars, turned them into mutants with a myriad of interesting abilities/powers and had them confront super madman Magneto who can do proper damage to bus shelters and lampposts and things.

Batman Begins - Directed by film magician (see the pun anyone?) Christopher Nolan. In which we discover the caped crusader's miserable roots and his damning fight with a man who's more or less invincible and a weird twat with a scary bag on his head.


Anyway, regardless of my ridiculous sypnosises, which is your favourite? I find this a difficult decision myself... I'll be back shortly.
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I have to go with X-Men, because it is my favourite comic book movie ever. I enjoy everything about all the movies. I should really read the comics at some point because i'm sure i'd enjoy them. And I do love Batman, but not as much as I love X-Men. And I actually find Spiderman kind of lame.


Babeasaurus Sex

You posed me with a problem here. I am OBVIOUSLY a Batman fanatic, however, The first X-Men was AWESOME.

Anyway I went with Batman begins because it's the first time they have got Batman right in a film. (Don't get me wrong prior to Bale I was all about Kilmer)

I actually think X2 was the best.

I don't rate spiderman. At.All.


Son of Liberty
I went with Batman Begins.

For one reason and one reason alone....... Accuracy.

Nolan took care of Batman Fans by giving them a Batman they were familiar with. They let Batman be the Batman from the comics, he worked hard for what he has, created his own Bat-Tools, He troubleshot his own suit... Thats what I believe Batman is all about. He doesnt get things right on the first time, but he's successful because of how ingenius and meticulous he is. Nolan captured that and I believe the fact that he gave respect to the comic fans is what sets this movie apart.

Spiderman was my second choice... but there were far to many inaccuracies in Raimi's version. I'll never forgive Raimi for taking liberties with my #1 favorite Spiderman Story Arch, by hacking Gwen Stacy out and replacing her with a Mary Jane I already disliked in the Bridge scene that Kills the Green Goblin. There are just to many errors in Raimi's version that feels like he's just pissing on the diehard fans.

I dont even wanna get into bashing the X-men... heh.
I just wanna note this though....

Had you put Iron Man in that mix, I'd have chosen Iron Man over Batman Begins.
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Batman Begins was the obvious choice for me. I did enjoy X-Men and Spiderman. But I felt like the Batman movie was better in just about every area.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Batman Begins is the stronger film for me here for sure. However I would rate Spider-man 2 higher than BB. However The Dark Knight would trump Spider-man 2 then :lol:. I used to really like the first X-men film until I saw it again a couple of months ago. It felt like it had aged quite badly. Come to think of it, I think I prefer the sequels to all of these films more than the originals (direct sequels of course, Spider-man 3 and X-men 3 can go to the mutant holocaust).
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I really enjoyed all three of them.

Some of the stuff in Spider-man wasn't true to the comics, but I was able to overlook most of it. I can't' remember having anything against X-Men, but it's been a while since I've seen it.

But when I first saw Batman Begins, my reaction was "That was the quintessential Batman. Bale IS Batman". (Ironically, he was a bit worse in The Dark Knight, but the movie as a whole was a lot better).

I agree with Alt - the 2nd one in each of these series was better than the first. And X-Men 3 and Spidey 3 were both worse than X-men 1 & 2 and Spidey 1 & 2 (although I still enjoyed X3, I didn't like Spidey 3).
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Babeasaurus Sex
Spiderman 3 needs to die in the abyss.


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I should've known better than to put Batman Begins in there. On posting I realised that choice wasn't that hard really. Batman is a far stronger film than the other two in terms of entertainment, general performances and style, and of course in being faithful to the source material. It's my choice too.

Will try to think of a more divisive poll next time.


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I went with Batman for the exact same reasoning ice pointed out earlier. I'm a huge comic nerd and there is something truly gratifying about watching a movie in which accuracy to the original medium is a consistent point throughout the movie.