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Movies Spiderman 3, third time is the charm!


A Darker Knight
I think having two villains made it hard to focus on the movie. There's 3 if you count Goblin. I would've much preferred them concentrate on one opponent.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
In all fairness, superhero movies tend to have two villans. It works, as long as you have a good writer to pull it all together. Maybe it was the writer/director's fault that the story didn't pan out quite as well as it could have?


A Darker Knight
Maybe you're right. I was thinking they could've just resolved the Harry/Peter issue and one other bad guy...


I read a reaction awhile ago that I agreed with. It seemed like Sam Raimi wanted to make a movie about Sandman while the company wanted a Venom movie. That kinda explains why Sandmans character is well developed and Venom seems tacked on.

The first time I saw it was watching the DVD with my roommate. Both of us loved the first two and were worried about the bad reactions we heard for three. Throughout the entire movie we kept looking at each other and exclaiming either "What the fuck?" or "Jesus this is terrible." The way they tried to show Peters character development seemed like a terrible parody.

Also, might I remind you:

All in all I think it's the most disappointing movie I have ever seen in my life.