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Movies Spiderman 3, third time is the charm!


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I've heard a lot of mixed reactions to Spiderman 3, but after seeing it, I have to say I liked it the most out of all three. It had all of the elements I generally like in a movie.

At first I was wondering how they would successfully introduce 2 new bad guys into the movie, but honestly after seeing the movie I think it was done very well. Sure it may have seemed a bit "plot packed" and it could have been a bit longer, but it really didn't need to be. It did the job well and wrapped up a lot of loose ends from the previous two movies.

I will easily rank it as my favorite out of the 3 Spiderman movies, followed closely by the 1st, and then the 2nd as my least favorite.


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Cool, I was wondering about it. You think it was the best out of all three movies? Thanks for the 411, info.


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At first I was expecting a movie that wasn't very good because of the way that the second one was, I am surprised at how good it was I definitely did not think that it would be nearly as good as it was. Tobey Maguire really cleaned up his act and learned how to act for this movie but of course there were those few things that were not done well, but I won't say them here for the people who haven't seen the movie yet.


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I thought that it was pretty good, it was definitely better than the second one, but I can't decide if I liked it better than the first one.


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Better than the 2nd, that one utterly sucked! But meh, spiderman lost me after the 1st one, sadly :(


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My feelings on spider-man 3 are mixd so all my criticisms will be spoiler tagged
but I did feel this was the weakest of the three. I know people will disagree because this movie had the most action and for some people thats the most important factor. As far as superhero movies go it was decent but I didn't think it was a patch on the first two.
Now I'll go into detail;
The good

the CGI was top notch.

even though it introduced 3 villains it didnt lose focus on the hero.

the harry and pete team up was really cool even though it was very predictable.

The bad

It got the 'Dark peter' totally wrong... the whole dancing thing didn't really project 'evil' to me.

Venoms plot seemed really superficial "you got me fired now I want you and everyone you love to die" seemed a tad excessive

Harrys transformation was rediculously rushed, I know that it had been set up in the last movie but where was the transformation from him screaming 'noooooooooo' at his fathers image when he asked him to avenge him to the point where hes getting high on goblin gas?

Sandman did alot more BAD things than venom yet he gets off scot free, ok I get that hes a victim of circumstance but he was killing innocent cops left right and centre. Also the fact that he was uncle bens killer was really unecesary and kind of took away from the whole reason Pete became spider-man in the first place.

The new person doing the music wasn't a patch on Danny Eldman and used a trumpet everytime something evil was going to happen which sucked.

Venom shouldn't need any villains help to take on spidey.

Even though the Harry and Pete team up was cool, Harry ended up being more useful in the fight than spidy himself. I mean seriously the movie could have been called: The amazing Harry: oh and this spider dude may do some stuff in the background.
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Hmm, you make some good points. I'll "spoiler tag" my response to your thoughts.

I agree that making the Sandman Uncle Ben's killer was not needed. In fact the Sandman wasn't really needed in this movie at all. I would have preferred just one bad guy, but as the 2nd movie left it, that would have had to have been Harry. I liked the Spidey/Harry tag team and actually did not find it very predictable at all. Sure once the thought is out there you are suspecting it, but up until Peter asked Harry to help him I didn't suspect a thing.

That being said, in order to introduce new bad guys, the teamup was necessary, AND, it would need to be 2 on 2, instead of 2 on 1, unless the bad guy was unstoppable by just one person.

I liked how the "Spidey self confidence" factor introduced in 2 wasn't mentioned once this time around. That was really stupid. I also never liked the fact that the web came directly out of his wrists instead of web capsules. I can live with it though and I'm glad the 3rd didn't really mention anything about the web or where it came from.

I also found it a bit odd how Venom's transformation was so quick and drastic, and convenient, but that could have been fixed with an extra 30 minutes. Overall I still really liked the movie. With an extra 30 minutes I think it could have been less of a rush and more of an experience though


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Yeah the venom transformation was very conveniant. It was too many coincidences, the coincidence that brock would be at the church the same time and the fact that spidey would knock into the bell by accident thus making a loud noise which is the aliens weakness. Also that wasn't ever made as clear as it could have been, one line from doctor conners saying something like 'its chemistry suggests its succeptable to high frequencys' wold have set it up nicely and spidey would have had a reason to be in the church not just random luck.


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I love Spider-Man, but I find Spider-Man 3 to be a big disappointment. Three villains - four counting "evil Spidey" - was way too many. They all felt flat and undeveloped. Each of the three should have had a single movie, to fully explore their character. Venom could have been made much more interesting if he was given time to terrify Peter and those around him over several scenes.

Sandman's connection to Peter was unnecessary, but the reactions it invoked in Peter were the most interesting part of the movie. Honestly, I didn't mind it much because the way it resolved was much better than the resolution to Harry and Venom.

I hate the design of the Black Suit, too. I like the design from the comics, but I just despise seeing a black version of the Red Suit.


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Spider-Man 3 was pretty, good, but Sandman stole the show, he was the most fleshed out, and had the coolest looking scenes. I agree that venom should have been, fleshed out more. Instead of just a rival kinda, Venom being a full blown nemesis for spidey would have been sweet.