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Anyone know what kind of spider this is? :S it looks as though it has a hammer shaped head...

apparently they don't make webs..



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Looks like it could be a white-tailed spider.
If it is, try not to get bitten by one.
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I'm serious
Mmm, I don't know about the white-tailed spider, I suppose it does look a little like it and they don't nest.
Best you check your bed and shoes and towels before you use them.

Also - kill it. NOW!
Could also be a Nelson Cave spider. To you live in the Nelson and Buller areas?
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Problematic Shitlord
If we could see another angle, that would be better.

But yeah if its backside is white, step on it. Now.


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Yeah, that doesn't look like a white tail. I'm going to go with...Kill it. That way it doesn't matter what kind of spider it is. But it's not like we get deadly spiders here...so I wouldn't be too worried.