PlayStation 3 Spider-man: Web Of Shadows


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Spider-man games havn't really been up to much lately. Spider-man 2 was a good idea but got wasted on lazy writing that forced you to perform the exact same missions over and over again. However when I heared that a new one was going to be made and that it's primary focus was going to be how your choices could effect the development of the game I got interested. After all one of the most important themes in Spider-man is about the significance and consequence of choice. So a game that is based around this concept actually sounds fitting for the web slinger.

I have to say I'm also pleasantly suprised by the trailer for this game;
Full Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Game Trailer - Superhero Hype!
Lots of symbiotes and the way their emphasising how much control you have over the direction of the story is really intriging. Nice Cameo from Wolverine too, I wonder if lot's of Marvel characters will be worked into the plot.
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it looks pretty good, especially when compared to some of the previous spiderman games, I also like the idea of how the game is layed out depending on what choices you make that's really cool, it makes the game so it will be fun more than one time through.