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I know some of you are still mortally wounded after some of the erm.... questionable choices made in 3 but a writers already been nabbed for the fourth. James Vanderbilt on Writing Spider-Man 4 - Superhero Hype!
What sort of direction do you guys think this series should go in? I can't really see Maguire and Dunst coming back so new main players will completely change the feel of the film. Maybe thats what is needed to restore this franchises credibility. I didn't think the third one was terrible but I think it was quite a bit below the standard of the first two even though it promised the most. Who would have thought that you can't properlly explore the darkness of someones personality by making them dance and use old jazz lingo in conversations?
As for villains, they've killed off 2 goblins, doc ock and Venom so what other popular ones would make it to the screen. I really don't think Carnage would work so I guess maybe the Lizard is a likely candidate. Thoughts?
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Hi ya.

If they do a Spidey pt4 I think they will introduce you to a few characters or they will do the story line from the Spider man trade paperback "The Sinister 6"
But what I would realy like to see is the Spider-man/Silver Surfer crossover where carnage becomes the new Surfer.

Now that would be an amazing movie..The setup is all there. if you watch S3 you will see the Carnage symbiote as well as the venom one. (Little red spark and slime shot)
They only hinted at Carnage, but do plan to use him if they do another movie.

As for the last 2 spider-man movies they realy screwed the pooch..Messed the story all up. Hell he can't even keep his frigging mask on in the last 2.

But right now spider-man 4 is all talk and rumors..But we will see what Marvel has up it's sleeve for Spidey.

Keep your eyes peeled for what is going to happen to Spidey in the comics real soon..It's a shocker.


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I didn't really like the third one, I didn't think it was that exciting I expected a little more because the Venom was in it, and he's one of my favorite characters in Spider Man.

I would love to see Carnage in the fourth one he's my favorite character and I believe he would do wonders in the film.

I have a feeling that Maguire will be in this new one as well.


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The third one was much better than the 2nd, I would like to see another movie as long as they keep it good and don't ruin the movie.


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Lizard, Hobgoblin, and Carnage or Venom all seem like viable options for villains that have been hinted by the movies so far. I hope they don't continue with the villain overload that #3 had. They just tried to pack too much into the movie.


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Ok well I don't think we'll see Hobgoblin, Venom or Carnage. 3 goblins in four movies is just too much, it's over using the concept a bit.
Eddie Brocks pretty much done for unless they do some sort of cheap cheat to get out of it so no Venom unless the black symbiote goes on someone else and then thats not technically Venom.
Carnage? well to do carnage well you'd need the film to be a pretty high age rating. Unless they do some sort of watered down, kid-friendly carnage which would just suck. With Carnage though again it may be too soon to have ANOTHER symbiote just like ANOTHER goblin since theres lots of other villains that could be used.
I only think the Lizards likely since Docter Conners has been presnt in two movies already so the relationship between him and Peter won't have to be built up as much. They could also continue the Sandman story but based on the end of three;
he's probably just gonna try to be a good guy.


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I always liked the Hobgoblin but I doubt they will have another goblin bad guy right now. They need somebody fresh.

I don't really have a preference though. I'd like them to call it something besides Spiderman 4 though. Especially if McGuire and Dunst won't be in it. Something to separate it from the original "trilogy" if you will. Kind of like how the Batman Begins series is separate from the original Batman movies.