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As I was packing up some DVD's the other day I came across an old favourite and decided to give it another whirl. Critically, Spider-man 2 was received the best out of the franchise but it's only recently that it's replaced the first one as my favourite. Before I go any further, I know it's not perfect. Some of it is just too damn cheesy (Mary Jane running in a wedding dress is just one example) and the CGI does look quite dated at times. However I felt like taking some time to look at some of the many good qualities that it also has.

The film has an emotional core that's very rare for a blockbuster of this scale and I still find a lot of the sequences moving, particularly when Peter realises that someone died in the burning building. His choice to walk away from his responsibilities is definitely the most interesting of the plots going on in this film. I love the Raindrops keep falling on my head sequence that shows him getting his life back on track. Once he's finally in a position to be happy he has to decide to give it all up again which makes his journey all the more rewarding to watch.

The psychosematic power loss was not something I was overly fussed on at first but as I've gotten older I know how much stress and depression can effect my performance :lol: So I've come to appreciate that aspect of it a lot more now that I'm that much older.

Molina is a great villain, he has an understated manner which is a nice contrast to Defoe's manic Goblin.

I think the reason Spider-man 3 failed so much was because the story seemed to completely undercut some of the most emotional scenes in number 2. Peter's abandoning of his responsibility before making a triumphant return humbles him, however in the space of one film he's become a self centred ego maniac. Not to mention that altering the killer of Uncle Ben absolves him of his guilt, guilt which is fundamental to his creation as a hero. He takes responsibility for it in the second one by telling Aunt May the truth and that scene was very well done. As far as I was concerned the "murder of Uncle Ben" storyline had been maturely closed with no need for any other exploration.

So are there any other fans of this film here? Have you watched it again since seeing the third one?
I think Sam.R would've done a fantastic job with the rest of the series but unfortunately Marvel was pushing Venom and he didn't want venom, he wanted to save him for a bigger role....the 3rd was one big cluster of ideas. Didn't like it


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Excellent perspective on the 2nd movie but I agree with SegaGuy........I preferred the first one. I did enjoy the 2nd one was a good flick!
i just looked at the other answers and the one girl who answered 48 is right!! oops, u should never listen to what i have to say-ima true blonde!!he he he.