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Spice Question


Registered Member
What are the best spices to add to Spanish Rice to make it taste better? I've got where I like making Spanish Rice out of the box and I'm just looking for something to jazz it up a bit.



Registered Member
I find Cayenne pepper is ideal for this sort of thing.

It's also great in vegetable soups etc.

Half a teaspoon will give a nice mild kick but I usually find one whole teaspoon is too much for my taste, depends on how spicy you like it. It's always best to experiment.


Well-Known Member
So, that dish looks like it's base is tomato (Sorry for my ignorance at what that is)

But anyway, i'd use either paprika, or oregano, and possibly basil to spice that up, depending what flavour I was in the mood for. Maybe fry off a little garlic with each too. Oh, and if you wanted it spicy, add some fresh chilli


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I don't know about Spanish rice, but I eat Zatarain's red beans and rice a lot and like to add some hot sauce to it. I figure that could be good in Spanish rice as well.
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