Spending Billions for Scientific Projects


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What do you think of spending that amount of money for scientific projects (50/50 chance of success)?

For example: the space projects/missions (a couple of billions) or something like the Collider (LHC) project that CERN recently launched.

Is it really worth it or would you rather that the money was spent for other needs of the country?

Btw, the US had a project to house the Superconducting Supercollider (similar to LHC) in the 80s and early 90s. They dug 30 kilometers of tunnel in south of Dallas. In 1993, with $2 billion spent and cost was estimated to reach $11 billion (oringally it was 8 billion), the US congress put a stop to it because they worried about budget deficits. The partially dug tunnel was plugged and filled with water.

Do you think it would have been worth it to have continued then (especially having already spent 2 billion)?


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Science produces wonderful results in advancing mankind. The Space-race created and pushed technology and gave us some great medical advancements. Putting a man into space was probably the least impressive of all its discoveries.

The LHC and people at CERN have already made many great leaps, many not directly involved in their tasks, we have to thank them for the internet for starters, now they are testing a super grid to create the largest piece of processing network to manage all the science they are doing! And lets not forget the science itself, who knows what we can discover and achieve.

For me; science is priceless.


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Bananas said it perfectly. Yes, science requires ridiculous amounts of money, but without it we wouldn't be where we are today. Science is progress. There's so much more still waiting to be discovered which can help make the world a better place.


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The narrow-minded always look at the goal of ambitious scientific projects and scoff. Going to the moon-who cares? Finding some particle, whatever.

Well, without the space program, we wouldn't have communications satellites. To address the amount of data created by the Large Hadron Collider, scientists had to create a fundamentally different way to distribute massive amounts of data on a global scale. The dividends of that are huge, even if the Higgs boson is never found. And if it is- well, the whole way we use physics can be adjusted for beneficial purposes.


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If anything, I think we should spend much more on scientific research. Where are my transporter beam, my light saber, my melodically sputtering Jetsonmobile? For that matter, where is the damn orgasm orb that Woody Allen promised me in 1973? We need to get cracking, people!