Spelling vs Pronunciation

Pronunciation is unintentional.
Spelling is worse.
It could lead to many interpretations, the person doesn't know how to spell or didn't bother looking up the correct spelling.


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I guess that I judge peoples' level of ignorance more harshly if they mispronounce a word vs. misspell a word. If someone says "subbosably" instead of supposedly, it will reflect more poorly on them than if they make a careless spelling mistake.


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I've been developing a Boston Accent for no real reason lately. (you know, Park the Car in Harvard Yard or Pak the Cah in Havad Yahrd). So, alot of people who haven't heard me speak in my new accent say, why are you pronouncing that wrong? and i go "What are ya talking about?" And then their is a whole plethora of things that can go wrong then. And thats the thing with accents. They change pronunciation. Those with accents should be exempt from such judgements.

However, if spelling and pronunciation are BOTH wrong, their is somethign wrong with you. like the Aluminum/ALuminium debate. IT IS SPELT AND PRONOUNCED ALUMINUM YOU SILLY BRITS!
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