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Special Ops Colonel joins ISIS


Registered Member
The US government has posted a $3 million reward for information about an anti-terrorism operative they trained.
A Tajik? I seriously hope that's a joke! Imo, training a Tajik for anti-terrorism ops is a lot like training an Imperial Wizard of the KKK for anti-racism ops... lol.
Well, now the Daesh have access to tons of sensitive anti-terror information they can use against international efforts to stop them. Epic fail.
U.S. offers $3 million reward for man it gave anti-terror training



Free Spirit
Staff member
Seems a lot of people we train we end up fighting. I think we should be more careful in the future as to who we train or arm. It seems to often come back to bite us. Sometimes we should just stay out of it.


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That's what we do in this silly country.

Who trained bin Laden? We did.

We're giving Syrian rebels weapons and supplies that mostly seem to wind up with ISIS.

Because it is more important that we support the business of war.

The US LOVES veterans and then lets the government treat them like something you scrape off your shoe.