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Special Gift


Sally Twit
Have you ever been given a gift from someone special, jewellery for example, which you always wear or keep with you at all times?

For my 21st Birthday I was given a white gold locket from my Grandma. When you open it up there is a small picture of my Grandma on one side and my late Grandpa on the other side.
I've been wearing it round my neck for the last four years and only take it off to shower.
One of the nicest and most special gifts I've ever been given.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I have received a Hush Puppy stuffed toy from my Dad when I was young. I didn't grow up with him so when he "came back" in my life that was his gift and I cherished it until it became part of my sleep stuff (as my pillows and covers). Oh wow, it's been with me for a couple of decades, haha. I travel with it sometimes especially if it's my first time to travel to a place and it's like a mascot with my friends. That dog has travelled a lot! My exes get jealous with it though...


Registered Member
There have been a few pieces of jewelry my great-grandmother gave me when I was a kid, but they've since been lost (which made me extremely depressed).
More recently, I've received a lot of gifts from shamans, apprentices, and students from my mesa workshops, which I cherish greatly. One of the more recent gifts was a piece of obsidian from Mexico, which was found in a Mayan cave. It's an old hide-cutting tool, and is still pretty defined.
I love what the shamans give me because it always smells like their tobacco bag, so months after a workshop I can take it out and smell it (weird) and pretend I'm still with them.
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Well-Known Member
I always wear the bracelet my foster family got for my 21st birthday and leaving present. It sounds silly but that gift is the thing that made me realise that they're more my family than any blood family I ever had. I have this glass angel thing, that was a gift from a family friend, and I take that with me every time I travel.


I can't really think of anything I've received that I'd consider really special. Maybe a couple things from an old girlfriend or two but most of that got burnt or given away... so I guess not that special. Haha.


Embrace the Suck
I have gifts from my parents and my grandmother that I have always cherished and have kept. But there is one item I have always had with me and have taken with me everywhere I have always lived.

When my dad was in the Navy he bought a really nice baseball glove. As I was growing up he bought me my own glove and we'd play catch but I always loved his glove. When I got to high school and played high school baseball, even though my parents had bought me so many other gloves, I would sometimes use my dad's old glove when I played. After high school I would use it when I played in softball leagues. When I moved away to law school I took it with me and used to play in a softball league in Houston. I still have that glove and still use it from time to time. I was telling someone the other day that glove has been in every house or apartment I have ever lived in. My dad finally just gave it to me when I moved out and have packed it away and moved it with me wherever I've lived. I guess because it reminds me of growing up and playing catch with my dad it means so much to me.


New Member
When I was in school time that's my father tell me if you got 80 up percentage in 10 std. so he will given me bike when i was achieve 89% he give me bikes... thats a first and special gift in my life... then after i also got more gift in birthday time.......


No Custom Title Exists
I've received gifts from family and friends but a bracelet with engravings that my girlfriend got me last year for my 17th birthday was one of the most amazing presents I have ever gotten because I just couldn't believe that someone apart from family will waste so much money on a present like this. I am not a needy person, I cherish everything I get, even if it's the littlest thing and it has made me appreciate her even more because I know how much she loves me. I always wear this bracelet.


Registered Member
Well I was given a Bolton Wanderers Chain by my nana when I was 8, which I still wear today.

My mum gave me an Eagle emblem when I was born, for good luck she said, which I wear on the same chain.

And a couple of months ago, my ex-girlfriend of 5 years ago now, sent me her late grandmothers wedding ring she used to wear around her neck. I am still confused as to why she sent me it but It's important to me.

I kiss each item before A fooball match, whilst saying a few words.


Registered Member
The most prized physical gift I currently have was from my son. I was getting ready to deploy, and the family was going to move back home while I was gone to make things easier. We got a hotel for the last few days and travel plans had them leaving 2 or 3 days before I was set to leave. So, I was playing with him as much as I could, and as time got closer for him to go I kept telling him that I would be back but that it wouldn't be for a while. He was only 1.5 at the time so obviously he didn't have a full understanding of what was going on. Well, when it was time for him and momma to go, I told him that this was it and I was going bye-bye for a long time. So, once I said that he gave me a huge hug and then he handed me one of his toys (which is one of those interlocking rings; he gave me a green one). This is my most special of gifts.