Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in India

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China being a communist country could not accept foreign investments. However, economic progress cannot be achieved without investment. They had example of Hong kong. So they divided China in 2 parts, viz 'communist' and 'capitalist' The second region is named as SEZ. The effects include fast economic progress in SEZs, more opportunities for prostitutes, and disastrous condition of 'communist' China.

India does need foreign investment but has/had no problem like China to get it. Secondly Chinese have no ethics. When their need is fulfilled Chinese won't be shy to nationalise whole investment. They have proved time and again that they can stab any one once their need is fulfilled.

India does not need SEZs on Chinese line but needs development of villages. The way is to create infrastruture all over the country instead of in specific area. Industrial electricity feeders along highway passing through drought hit region, water lines, rial/air/electronic communication is the need of India.

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Not open for further replies.