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There's been a lot of wrestlers that have use, or use the spear as there finishing move, here's a few.


In your opinion, who do you believe does the nicest and biggest impact spear?

Personally I believe it's Goldberg he just man handled his opponents when he gave them the spear, some wrestlers even flew five feet after the spear, its incredible.



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I have seen all the wrestlers you mentioned use the spear,and i am in total agreement that Goldberg's spear looks the most impressive,even on opponents that were the same size or larger than him it still looked incredible,and very painful.


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while Goldbergs spear is impressive Ive always been a bigger Fan of the Gore. I find it far more badass. Goldbergs is a close second.

Batista Botches the spear most times like me does with 9/10 other moves he does. So he shouldn't be on the list. I mean, How do you Botch a Friggen Spear??!?

And At times Edges spear looks more like a running hug then a spear so that doesn't match up either.


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I'll say Goldberg's as well. Being that he was a former football player probably helped alot. Rhyno is bleh to me overall but his gore is pretty sweet. Batista should avoid ever doing the spear.
I wanna see Khali do a spear on somebody.

Goldberg has a powerful spear. It actually looks like it hurts rather than falling backwards. >.<;

Speaking of the spear, has anybody ever missed and went flying out of the ring when attempting to spear somebody? Ha, I can only imagine a wrestler going for a spear only to have his opponent turn away in time and him going flying.
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I remember Goldberg going for a spear and cracking his skull in the corner ringpost. Looked painful.


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I remember Goldberg going for a spear and cracking his skull in the corner ringpost. Looked painful.
Oh yeah I remember it well...knocked him out, literally. Wrath and Crush must not have seen that happen because they tried to get him up and he was limp and couldnt stand.