Speaker System Question

Hey all, new to the forum and wanted to ask a question. Im looking to get a speaker system for my xbox system and tv, I have a pretty nice flat screen. I want to get a 5.1 but I think I might just settle for a 2.1, its just my room, nothing too big of a space, but wanted something nice, and will give me the feel of a great system like Im really "Chief" and kicking alein butt. Something not too expensive, less than 100 would be nice, if I can get a good 5.1 for that Id be extatic. Im not sure where to look??? Thanks!!


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Hi and welcome to GF..

Have you ever tried the Force Feedback Video Gaming chair? I have one and i love it..

i think it is way better than a speaker system that you can't turn up loud at night cause you will wake others.
The chair has it all..You can also use it with your computer and other Gaming Systems.
You can find them at EB and on eBay for a good price of 89.00-140.00

I paid 140 for mine and it was well worth the money in my book.

here a few I found for ya..

Pyramat S500-w sound rocket gaming chair, wireless fm - eBay (item 260238572465 end time May-15-08 14:22:56 PDT)

"Renegade" Ultimate Game Chair, New In Box - eBay (item 300222204880 end time May-14-08 19:05:49 PDT)

Brand New Pyramat PC Gaming Chair 2.1 - eBay (item 160238406108 end time May-17-08 13:36:03 PDT)

there loads of chairs out there..Check them out. i think you might like these..I know I love my chair.


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If you can I'd get a 5.1 because it will come in handy later, plus if you want then you can add surround sound if that's important to you.

And as for speakers Bose, MK, or Speakercraft are my recommendations they all have amazing quality sound when hooked up to the right stereo.

Harmon Kardon is also a good speaker choice.