Spaying/Neutering Pets Should be Required for Non-Breeders


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If you ask me, spaying or neutering your pets should be required. At least dogs or cats which can get out and get pregnant easier than something like a hamster.

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Breeding should be allowed but it should be something you have to get a license for. If you don't have a breeders license it should be illegal for somebody to sell you a dog/cat that is not fixed.

That would solve a lot of problems.


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This is exactly why I adopted my kitty. =) And my sister just adopted an 8 month shepherd/lab mix that was found as a stray. It's such an affectionate and obedient dog too! And yes, both my cat and her dog are neutered/spayed. ^^

A lot of times I think people should need licenses to have babies too. :x Too many abandoned human babies as well....but I also hope to adopt a child in the future as well. ^^ I've wanted to adopt ever since I was a little kid myself.


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If you are to go along the route of making neutering/spaying compulsory and for all breeders to be registered you would also have to go the step further and have proper breed management. Studs should be restricted on the number of litters they can sire, all litters should be microchipped with specific instructions on which animals can be bred from and with the possibility of with whom.

By restricting breeding you create inner circles of breeders, the problem with this (like the top end of pedigrees) you get interbreeding and genetic mutations. By neutering/spaying the bulk of the populous you would force selective breeding and give little other options. Unless this sector can also be managed (a bureaucratic nightmare) then compulsory neuturing/spaying would possibly endanger the subspecies that we know and love.

I think compulsory neutering/spaying should be a last resort and only enforced if all the knock on problems can also be managed.


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I dunno Bananas, even if you have those regs on the actual legal breeders which should be enforced as to not have puppy mills, etc like you mentioned, some people just don't keep after the animals they seem to think they want to take care of which ensues all the other puppy making in the world. I get all of my animals fixed because I never plan on breeding them #1 and eventually with females if they are not fixed and do not breed then they could have other issues. I saved my first dog from a yard sale and the second one came from a storm drain. I will be hitting up the SPCA when I go looking for my next cat unless another falls in my lap like these did.