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SpaceX’s Dragon lands in the Pacific Ocean


Free Spirit
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CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. (Reuters) – A Dragon cargo ship owned by California-based Space Exploration Technologies ended a 28-day stay at the International Space Station on Sunday, parachuting into the Pacific Ocean.

Splashdown confirmed: SpaceX’s Dragon lands in the Pacific Ocean after successful trip
Looks like SpaceX is not having any problems making it to the space station with their rocket engines. They successfully delivered supplies and bought back science experiments plus some space suit components that needed refurbishing. So why do we need the Russian made engines?


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Its a start and it is exciting! :D But its still a long way from being an RD 180.
That flight used Merlin 1C engines and this is the comparison:

Nine Merlin 1C rocket engines = 1.1 million pounds of thrust at launch.
One RD 180 rocket engine = 1 million pounds of thrust at launch.

But they are making progress with the new Merlin 1D rocket engine. Nine of those will deliver 1.5 million pounds of thrust at launch.
Btw a trip to the moon requires 4 million pounds of thrust. That would be four RD 180s or thirty six Merlin 1Cs or 24 Merlin 1Ds.

So the good news is that we have access to the ISS! :D But the bad news is that it costs 9x more for each trip.
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