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Space Travel


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I can't help but wonder about the possible risks of all this. Will they have to buy seperate insurance policies in case they kick the bucket? It would be an awmazing experience though. Just imagine looking "down" on Earth, crazy.


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I have always dreamed of being able to go into space. I don't know what it is, but I have always been in awe at the planets and stars. Well, I have come to terms that it will probably only be a dream.


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If I had the money to do that, frankly, I'd see the world instead. I'm much more interested in seeing more of the sites the world has to offer before I would want to go into space.

None the less, that is pretty cool


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Oh and btw im taking donations ;)
Just keep winning your poker tournaments and you'll get there eventually.

$200,000 is a hell of a lot for a 2.5 hour trip, but I suppose it'd be worth it if you have that kind of money to spend. As much as I love astronomy, I agree with Malificus, I'd probably rather travel around the world for a couple years.


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It sounds like a sweet excursion. I'm sure that in the coming years the cost will come down, so i think I'll wait a while.


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I'm pretty sure they make you sign a death waiver :p. Some people's reaction of "space sickness" can be pretty bad, so you never know.

Staring into the infinite black abyss of the universe has always been one of my dreams. I'm sure space is a great thinking place if you're not there for business.


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It would be fun.. but, the risk is too great. I don't mind thrill seeking but I'm not going to do something that has such a high chance of death, especially if it's just for thrills.


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Yeah, I would do it, heh. Only if I had money.

Easiest way to be in space 24/7? Be an austrounut. :D