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When you come back from your travels, whether it be in the same country you live in or when you go abroad, do you bring back souvenirs for your friends and family?

If you do, do you tend to go with a souvenir that is more traditional and relevant to the place you visited, or do you buy them something less touristy and go for something they would really like?

I'm a person that really likes buying souvenirs for people back home. I always buy my family something and a few of my close friends. I usually go for the more traditional touristy gifts, like when I went to Spain I bought my friend a sombrero.


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I usually bring back rock or biscuits as my friends/family seem to appreciate those things more.
When I went to Paris I brought back a lot of miniature Eiffel Tower souvenirs.


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I do try and bring something back from my travels - if not for others then at least for myself as a keepsake/rememberance thing. But, I've never really been on a lot of holidays. I went to Paris when I was a kid (maybe 5 or 6) and the thign I brough back from there was a camera slide-show thing. It had picture's of Disney characters, some of the Disneyland rides, etc, and you pulled on a lever and it slid to the next picture. Only cost 10 Franks, too. :D

Then, when I went to France again (I think it was Nor Du Calais or something, crossing over to Belgium for a few hours), the only thing I could do for memories was take a shed load of pictures, which I did. Plus, we went to a 'famous' sweet factory, so of course I just had to get some for the folks back home...;) Lol, I did get some other stuff along the travels, but since it was with the school at the time on an 'Educational Trip', there really wasn't much chance to pick anything up. Although we did go through a flea market at one point. I spent about twenty minutes browsing through a blade stall...he had everything...throwing knives, switchblades, flickblades, swords, sai, everything - you name it, he had it. I was this close to buying a triple set of Samurai sword, katana, and short blade. The only thing that stopped me was that I don't think the teacher would have approved. :cute: That, and the fact I had nowhere to hide it. :hah:

Then, when I went to spend a fortnight in York a couple of years ago, I sent about 16 post cards. Pretty much two or three every couple of days. I got it into my head to collect as many different postcards as possible and send them. They're still knocking about somewhere. I also got them the traditional souvenir - a packet of fudge. :nod: :D


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Yes, it's a two way thing for me which makes traveling more expensive, haha. It's our tradition (therefore expectation :lol:), to bring something from Paris and give away to family or close friends when I visit them in the US. At the end of the trip, it's the same deal but works the other way. I buysomething from the US for those family/close friends who aren't on the trip with me, to give them when I get back in Paris.

For myself, I just offer postcards more often. I collect them.


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When ever I go to a coastal town I bring back a bag of rock for the kids/nephews and nieces, they all like that as I work around the coast quite often.

When I went to Mexico I bought back a lot of different stuff for friends and family, I got my mum two plates both of them were a landscape painting that a guy painted with his finger nail, never seen anything like them before and she loved them.

I got my dad and brothers a silver belt buckle each, where my sister was living there is a silver smith every couple of shops and they do fantastic stuff.
I got myself two big silver belt buckles,one has the Mexican emblem and is my favorite, I also bought back a big bottle of gold tequila of which only the bottle is still around.
I always bring something back for my parents if I go away without them, something touristy but also practical.

When I go away with family, I bring my 2 closest friends back a present that I know they would like, for example a t-shirt or whatever.


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Sometimes I buy souvenirs for my friend and family. For my friends, I would buy them a keychain cause I am a cheapskate. And for my family, I would get them t-shirts.


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Not really. When I was a teen and went to Hawaii, I did get some wind chimes for my mother made out of shells in her favorite color.
Now I don't even bother, and don't even think about it.


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I love bringing things back for my family and friends. I definitely go with the touristy type things. Mostly something that has the name of the place I visited. If I can find an item that would really interest a certain person, and it has the name of the place I visited... SCORE! Otherwise, I just go with touristy souvenirs.


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Bringing Stuff Back

When you go out to vacation, do you bring stuff back for family members? The inspiration for this thread was from my Mom and Dad, they recently went to Monterey for their Anniversary then came back into town and we all did a BBQ thing.

They used to always bring some sort of random thing back when they went to places like that, but didnt this time.

So I got to wondering, when you go out... do you feel obligated to bring some sort of Souvenir home or something? Maybe small gifts for friends?