TV South Park or Family Guy?


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Out of those two, Family Guy is funnier. I don't watch much TV though and when I do it's generally not cartoons.
Andrew, my TV hasn't been on for 6 days (can't say the same for the queenies though :shake:) I just can't find anything to interest me enough and I read the news online while I'm ummm...errr..working.

As far as the two choices, I've never seen either but if I were forced to watch one I guess I'd go with Family Guy.


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Hey, he concurred. That pleases me. I loves me some Futurama. And I can't wait for the new episodes, considering they have the same animation studio, same animators, majority of the writers, and Matt Groening coming back. Makes me happy, indeed.


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Definitely Family Guy is way funnier but Fox ruined it. Maybe a Funny Guy movie? I doubt it as they took forever with The Simpsons movie.


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I have to say South Park... the older ones are hilarious in my opinion. Especially when Cartman feed the pubic hair teen his parents in the form of chili.