Sources: Manny Ramierez and Dodgers agree on 2 year $45 Million deal

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by metsforever7515, Feb 25, 2009.

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    I think that Manny should accept this deal, he wont get anything better then this. Scott "dumbass" Boras should tell him to accept it. If the Dodgers sign Manny then they'll definitely be a strong team this season in my opinion.
    Well Manny just declined the offer once again, I can't believe it.

    FOX Sports on MSN - MLB - Manny rejects Dodgers' latest offer

    It's probably stupid Boras fault.
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  4. Ryuk

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    The story changes on a minute by minute basis at this point. Already it's Mantard Being Mantard and I'm already overjoyed that the Yankees didn't make the mistake of picking up this nutjob.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    I think it's more his agent that is causing the problems. Boras is a douche, and probably tells Manny to not accept these offers because there not more then two years. We all know Manny wants three or four years. The money is probably not an issue with these offers, it's the lengh of the contract that is.

    If he doesn't sign before the beggining of the season, I'll be disapointed, and I believe it will be a dumb move from his part.
  6. Millz

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    The Dodgers said they feel like they are neogiating againt themselves and that's something Boras is known for. He's a fucktard.

    Manny is an idiot, as well. I dont think he's going to get anything better then this and at this point I hope he doesnt. Sit out 2009 for all I care.
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    The details are why Manny rejected the offer.

    That being said, I thinka deal will get done regardless. The Dodgers are the only team pursuing Manny as of yet, get the deal done Ned!
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    Manny and Boras are both idiots, its too bad cuz manny is a great player he just has a terribly lazy attitude, but when he turns it on he's one of the best
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    I guess my sources are iffy. My bad guys, set off a false alarm.

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