Sources: Kidd Wants Out Of New Jersey


Aw, Here It Goes!
RealGM Staff Report -
New Jersey's Star-Ledger has reported that Jason's Kidd's agent Jeff Schwartz has asked Nets' President Rod Thorn to trade his client to a contender before February's trade deadline. The information was received from several unnamed league sources.

The problems continue to add up for Thorn as trading Kidd will not be easy if he wants to get even close to equal value in return.

"Right now things are going very poorly for us," Thorn told the Star-Ledger. "Historically, those are the times when you don't get offered what you might consider fair deals. And sometimes you feel that maybe you should do something to do something, but those are the times you have to be very cognizant and careful about what the results of your actions might be."
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Sultan of Swat
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I think this team should re-build trade Jason Kidd and try to develop Marcus Williams as your new starting point guard, I believe he could do wonders if he gets the full time position. Then trade Carter try to get a few 1st rounders and a star player in return. Then you keep Richard Jefferson and build around him. The Nets have a few key pieces like both Williams, Boone, Krstic, and Jefferson.

I think they trade to win with the Big Three and it failed so it's time to get rid of 2-3 being Carter and Kidd, and get draft picks and a star here or there.