Sources: Kidd Traded To Dallas


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"Jason Kidd has quietly -- and not so quietly -- hoped for a trade to the Dallas Mavericks all season."

"Those hopes are about to realized, according to NBA front-office sources.

Sources told that the Mavericks and Nets on Wednesday reached an agreement in principle on a Kidd deal after talks had seemingly stalled last week, moving the teams to brink of completing the NBA's third blockbuster deal of the month."

"Although sources say that the teams are still sorting out final details, this deal was described as "imminent" by multiple sources close to the process after negotiations moved to an advanced stage Tuesday night. The deal -- salvaged from talks on a three-way trade with Portland that developed and fizzled quickly two weeks ago -- has Dallas sending 24-year-old point guard Devin Harris, veteran swingman Jerry Stackhouse, the expiring contracts of center DeSagana Diop and swingman Devean George and guard Maurice Ager to New Jersey for Kidd and forward Malik Allen."

"Sources say Dallas will also add the league-maximum $3 million in cash and send its first-round draft pick this June as well as a first-rounder in 2010."

Soruce: ESPN - Sources: Mavs, Nets close in on Kidd deal - NBA

All I got to say is WOW. If this happens Dallas is giving up a lot of key players.
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I can understand making roster changes (cause we need some), but giving up a solid chunk of the team? Is Kidd even worth it? I must say I am very skeptical about this.

I don't even know about Malik Allen.

Plus all the money and picks. man, oh man.....

I'm mostly upset about Devin Harris. Dallas was really counting on his development.


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The Mavericks gave up a shitload. Not sure I would have traded that much for Kidd.

Malik Allen was on the Bulls for a couple years. He sucks.


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It looks like the trade was blocked by one of the players from the Nets' side.
No, the trade didn't go through because Devean George(Dallas). He has an option in his contract where he has to okay a trade involving him. I forget what it's called lol. But there are still talks going on between the two teams.
I read something about Stackhouse violating some rules by publicly telling that he's gonna sit out the 30 days and then re-sign with the mavs. The NBA committee will not allow him to re-sign with the mavs as a punishment.

I didn't like this trade though. Harris should stay with the mavs. Although a team with Kidd feeding the ball to Nowitzki, Howard and Terry off the bench would be lethal.


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I also heard that Dirk really wanted this trade. Something about how he doesn't think the Mavs currently have a point guard that can lead the team...
This has really been an interesting year with all these major trades. Kidd's offensive defiency will now be masked by several good offensive players. This could work but the west is just stacked so I'll just see how this works out.

Too bad that Harris and Diop will be gone if the trade goes through. I really liked Harris as a one man fastbreak attacking the rim and Diop with his length and blocking abilities.
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I knew this was going to go down, it's just when was it going to happen. Once again the Mavericks get a good player in Jason Kidd, he's defenitely going to improve the team. He's one of the best point guards in the league, and I'm sure he'll be able to keep up with the young point guards in the Western Conference.

The big question is this though, will Keith Van Horn come back to the NBA?

The Nets do get a player in Harris that has lots of potential, he's probably going to get some good minutes in New Jersey so we'll finally see what he's capable of doing.

The Nets also get two 1st round draft picks, we all know those picks will be late round because Mavs always finish with one of the best records in the league, but there still going to be valuable picks. I'm glad that this trade actually worked out. It took some time, but it looks like it's going to happen very shortly.