Sources: Eagles trade for Bills Pro Bowl LT Peters


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Peters is an offensive's he gonna help them on defense? lol...
The reality is that unless they bring in some stud DE somehow, which I doubt, they are hopefully preparing for the fact that they will be giving up some plays over the top. The loss of Brian Dawkins is big, most people will point to the fact that he is considered the "QB of the defense". But I think where it will impact the most is that when he didn't make the play he usually still prevented a score. He played a large amount of the deep back field even at his age. So if they are going to take the gamble on that side of the ball now they MUST outscore the opponent in order to have a chance at being a playoff team. Now A healthy Donovan/Westbrook combo as a 1-2 has proven to put up some serious points in the past, but the first part of that is protecting Donovan as we all know he isn't getting spyed the way he used to. Both Thomas and Runyan are a tough guys but not getting any younger and already long in the tooth. Don't get me wrong they are good, but there are OL's in the league that are better and the Eagles wide outs need time to get open. The other part which I am hoping is still to come is picking up a stud wide out. Now I haven't had time to pay attention to cap room this offseason, and with this trade I doubt that the Eagles make a trade move unless a real opportunity presents itself during the draft. But remember the Eagles traded out of the 1st round to get Kevin Kolb :rolleyes:
Just saying, they still have another 1st rounder and do not like to give out 1st round money to unproven guys. So I don't rule out the possibility of a trade. As long as they address it though and finish putting together a reliable hi-powered and consistant offense, I think the defense is just good enough to make them a serious playoff threat. The defense may has actually played very well the past few seasons, it is the offense that isn't consistently pulling their weight. A WR or DE needs to be brought in, and even a solid DE won't help the offense in the red zone.