Sources: Braves reach deal for ChiSox's Vazquez


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Ugh, personally I'm not sold on Javier Vazquez in the slightest way. I think the White Sox should be happy to get this guy off their books for next year. He's okay but nothing special. The Braves should have tried their damnest to get Peavy and not Vazquez.


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On the right team Vazquez can be a 20 game winner. He's got a great assortment of pitches (fastball that tops out at 94 MPH, along with a solid curve, slider, changeup, and a sinker). He's great at mixing up his pitches, and when he's on, he strikes out a lot of hitters and gets them to hit the ball on the ground. He's had several 200 strikeout seasons in his career, including last season, and I am shocked at the Braves being able to get him. He's had the misfortune of playing for a lot of bad teams in his career, which makes him appear worth less than what he is.


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The Braves tried everything to get Peavy, but the Padres wanted to many prospects and the Braves weren't ready to part ways with them, because they have bright futures.

Like I said, Vasquez has been inconsistent in recent years, but he's still a good pitcher, and when he's on his game he's a great pitcher. I believe he can get around 14-16 wins with this Braves team next season, if healthy.