Source: KG Trade To Factor In Kobe Situation

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Newsday -
    Adding Kevin Garnett to Ray Allen and Paul Pierce is a coup for the Celtics, but it also figures to increase the likelihood that Kobe Bryant will step up his efforts to force his way out of Los Angeles, according to a source.

    One more premier player getting traded, but not to the Lakers, means that "the Laker situation is only going to get worse," the person with knowledge of the situation said. "I'm sure Kobe's wondering, 'Why can't we do that? If Danny Ainge got it done, why can't we?'"

    With the options to appease him dwindling, the next step for Bryant will be to threaten a training camp holdout and follow through on it by failing to show up when the Lakers open camp Oct. 8 in Hawaii.

  2. oxyMORON

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    If these big auperstars weren't so concerned with how much money they're going to lose/make, then this situation would be over by now. In the end, it's always players complaining about how their contracts still got so-and-so million left and how much the signing bonus is. Then the agents and owners have to keep moving things around and around...=/
  3. Fresh

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    So true, its hard to move a guy who's making 30 million dollars a year. Its even harder to bring in talent when your salary cap is being drained be one player. I knew Kobe would say something when KG got traded. Maybe he should have taken the Garnett approach about getting traded instead of bashing the GM and management.
  4. zunami

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    Well it's not always about that. You can't take anything away from a player's contract once it's been signed unless there's a buyout. That makes it very hard to trade a superstar so you can't just blame the player.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    Bottom line is that the Lakers don't want to trade Kobe Bryant, and I doubt that he'll get traded. But I do agree with you guys it's hard to bring a superstar into a team like the Lakers, yes the Celtics did it, but they gave a lot to get him, and the Lakers don't have so many pieces that the Celtics had. So I don't expect any big Trades in L.A anytime soon.
  6. Xepa

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    JO to Los Angeles without giving up Odom IS the solution. It's completely absurd that the Pacers are holding out for Odom AND Bynum though, considering how Odom doesn't fit into rebuilding.

    Here's an insightful post I made on a Pacer board...


    I don't even see why you guys want LO. You're in rebuild mode, and having LO means you get more wins in teh short term, meaning a lower draft pick (putting you out of the Derrick Rose/OJ Mayo/Gordon category). So, you get Odom then re-trade him again in the midseason. Think he'll agree to that? He's stubborn about even wanting to come to Indy in the first place, demanding a contract extension. What are the chances he'll agree to be traded like a hand-me-down.

    He also has a recording business he's serious about in LA, which I doubt he would want to leave since he promotes it so damn much.

    Kwame is an expiring; it makes more sense for you guys to get him. Have Crit and Bynum. Mind you, Jefferson was nothing until this year, so saying Bynum can't reach his level is absurd. Add to that the height, wingspan, and post presence and he's just as good a prospect as Al. Remember, we turned down jason kidd to keep Bynum, so stop undervaluing him.

    JO is an all star player, no questions asked. But his injuries and low FG% (while not an accurate depiction of his FG% if he was to be traded to LA) ARE INDEED factors in the trade. To you, he is the JO that was third in MVP voting a few years ago. From lakers perspective, he is that 20-10-2 guy.

    Ultimately, if you don't trade JO now, his value slips. He gets older. Bynum could slip or improve, since he has upside. Best time to trade is now, unless you're gambling that Bynum makes no progress this year and you leverage that to get both Odom and Bynum. Then what? Lakers trade Kobe, and you never get JO off your hands. I have not seen a major, serious offer for JO outside of the Lakers. Reasons why? What I stated above.

    Face the facts. We want a trade; you want a trade. Lets be reasonable. None of this "Odom and Bynum and kwame for JO and murphy" business. That's like Laker fans saying "Bynum and Farmar and Kwame and Vlad for JO and Foster". Both are ridiculous; let's be rational.


    As for Kobe leaving, no. We still hold him for 2 years. He won't sit out, and by new year the youngsters should be good enough to take the lakers up to another level.
  7. StroShow

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    I guarantee this move makes Kobe Bryant ticked off. He ask the Lakers Front Office to improve their team and what they do they sign Derek Fisher, and Chris Mihm. Paul Pierce does the same and gets Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. I'm sure he's not a happy camper. But your right Xepa getting Jermain O'neal would make Kobe Bryant stay in L.A, but the Pacers really want Andrew Bynum in the deal and I guarantee you that the Lakers are not ready to deal him.

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