rainbow 11!
For some reason iTunes won't open up because it says that it has deteced a problem in my audio configuration. Why and how can I fix it? ffs


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Have you tried the usual uninstall and reinstall procedure? Are you having sound problems elsewhere?


rainbow 11!
No, I haven't tried that. I figured it was just something that needed to be reconfigured. If I uninstall iTunes, will I love all of my songs? (Just so I know I need to do it when I can be at the computer for about an hour or more.)

iTunes is the only thing acting up. :3

I was going to put that new song from Omega on it. >.x;


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Your song files are seperate. iTunes is just an application that runs those files. You might want to back up your files just in case (advanced options I think, maybe Prefs.), though that's just a precaution.