Soulja Boy Freestyling......?!


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Okay. I felt I had to post this because I'm just disgusted with this person called Soulja Boy. Now I saw a couple of videos on YouTube with him "freestyling". Now I don't know much about freestyling, but I know that freestyles are more creative than that. Just these couple of videos are proof enough. Just hear how similar they both.

WARNING: Viewing of these videos may cause loss of brain cells per second. Please make sure you have enough intelligence and tolerance to withstand the ignorance flowing through your speakers. Intellectual discretion is advised.

Both of these videos sound the same. Listen to what he says at 2:05.
YouTube - Soulja Boy - Another Freestyle 500k

Pay close attention to the count.
YouTube - Soulja Boy Freestyle! FUNNY!!!!



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KRS-One should beat him with a microphone, I honestly can not say that I have heard of a "rapper" that could set hip hop back a couple years till I heard him. He gives the public a reason to bad mouth rap music and its a real shame that hip hop is on the decline and the quality of music that is being produced on a mainstream level is quickly deteriorating.


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This better not turn into a rap/hip-hop flame thread...

Either way, Soulja Boy makes terrible music for the simple fact that he raps about what he doesn't know.
The beat in the first video was decent but that's about it.

That said I wish Lupe Fiasco would hurry up and put out his next album.


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That was complete garbage, I cannot believe I watched that. The guy is a total douche bag, he cannot rap. Hopefully he disapears sooner rather then later.


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The funny thing he's always complaining about people hating on him. You think he ever stopped to think that we might just be telling him the truth? He keeps getting props from all of his brain dead idiotic fans and think he the hottest thing since the radio. Even if he's doing this for his family is he doing anything positive afterwards...... NO! He was on 106th & park recently and had a watch on one wrist and a bracelet on the other. Both of them were like 5 or 6 inches thick full of diamonds. That's all he does with his money.