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Who else is looking forward to kicking some ass with Yoda on the 29th?

I've been playing the original Soul Caliber that was revamped for XBlive arcade and now that SC IV is only days away I am excited to be playing Soul Caliber on Xbox live for the first time in the series.

If your any kind of hardcore gamer you know that Soul Caliber has always had the most advanced game mechanics over any other fighting game out there which has made online play a little more complicated than the others.

Now Namco has finally made the plunge onto Xbox live and PSN as well as working with Lucas Arts to include exclusive Jedi/Sith combat and style for the two special characters.

The video I saw consisting mostly of Yoda vs Vader gameplay was absolutely amazing. :jedi:
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I look forward to this, it seems like a long time since there has been a decent head-2-head fighter.

I love the Soulcalibur series, a noob can randomly hit buttons and still have a chance of winning as there are so many combinations available..... but the best is when you get 2 experienced players together, it is like a well choreographed Jackie Chan movie.


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For sure Bananas, me and my friends all have our favorite character that we kick ass with so usually we match up our best characters. But some of the best battle I have ever had are when you both play the same character, like Yoshimitsu battles.. when you have room you can sit down and regain health then when they charge you transport behind them and attack, not to mention the battles atop your sword.. nothing like trying to pile drive your sword into the enemies head.


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My friends are the same, we all have a favourite character and we have tournaments and stuff, with beer!!

My character is Voldo, I mastered him fairly quickly, he has a combination of speed and power.

I can't wait for it to come out!!


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Beer is good, Beer is Good! It's good..

Voldo is crazy, he gives a huge advantage over your opponent by not knowing WTF he is about to do.

My best character was Ivy, she has so many ranged attacks and some effective stances.

All around best character is obviously Mitsarugi, he does so much damage while being swift and good at countering.
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Kilik. His staff is huge and he has the power to match his insane speed.
I'm traditionally a Nightmare user, but it turns out I'm really good with Xianghua.

I dislike kilik users because all it usually ends up meaning is I have to block a lot as I work my way within reach so I can hurt them. They really slow down fights for me.


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i cant wait till this game comes out........i just started playin soulcalibur I on my 360 and its kickass!
ill have to go out and buy the other ones i guess o_O


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Heh, after playing the first one on Xbox live arcade I have realized that they all are basicly the same game with just more graphics in the characters, animations and environments.. So there's no reason to buy SC 2-3 since SCIV will be out on Tuesday..


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