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Sorry Newbie Advice - Playstation 2 or Xbox


New Member
I am looking at getting a second hand Console as I have limited funds at the moment and want to know what would be best suited for me.

I just want a console to play a few games, nothing more really. I am really interested in Tiger Woods Golf games and maybe a Motor GP game. I have seen some good offers for both and games also available. I did notice that there are quiet a few faulty Xbox consoles on sale! are they unreliable?

As I don't know nothing about this tuff thought I would ask the question from the experts.


Registered Member
If you're talking about the old Xbox compared to the old playstation 2's, I'd go with the original Xbox. If you meant a playstation 3 or an Xbox 360, I'd go with a playstation 3.

The original Xbox was one of the most reliable systems I've ever had. I've had mine since 03ish and still haven't had a problem with it.. and it has a ridiculous amount of memory.


New Member
Yeah, I am talking about the original Xbox. Seen a few bargains out there for both consoles.


Living on the 0th floor
I'd personally go with the xbox. Especially a soft modded xbox. I like the game selection on the original xbox, and you can definitely get a good deal on one.


Problematic Shitlord
Depends on what you want. The PS2's library is at least triple of what the Xbox offers and the system is extremely reliable. The original Xbox was also known to set things on fire because of its massive power consumption. PS2 peripherals are also still sold in stores while Xbox ones are not.


Do What Thou Wilt
I had a 2001 PS2 and NEVER had a problem with it. NOT ONE. Ever. If I didn't have the option of buying a PS3, I would buy another in a heartbeat.

Not to mention I got 80 bucks for that 2000 one 3 years ago.


New Member
There are quiet a few of the PS2 online at decent prices at the moment as well. I am not looking to buy loads of games, I just fancy playing a bit of Golf indoors & thats as far as its going to go for me. Games seem to be pretty cheap as well. I understand the graphics on the Xbox classic is supposed to be quiet good as well! games also cheap as well.


Where is my Queen?
If you are a rpg fan, definetly go with the ps2. If your a baseball fan...ps2 (MLB The Show Series). If you are big in FPS go with the Xbox.


I'd go with the original Xbox. I owned both and enjoyed the Xbox more than the PS2. Being able to listen to my own music while cruising the streets of Liberty City was a nice touch. Haha.