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Sorry for my absence

Yeah, I just want to apologize for me not being around a lot lately. I've been completely flooded with work over the past 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to want to stop for now so I'm gonna have to post sporadically in the meantime. However, I'm on Twitter almost every day so you can always hit me at my handle @PMercier31 and if you're lucky and I'm not too busy, we'll be able to chat just for a little while.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, should be back in full force soon! :)


The return shall be legenday!
This really sucks but I had a feeling it was coming. Kick work right in the ass so you can be back here sooner rather than later. You're a big piece of what we're trying to build here.
As I told Dickey earlier today, looks I've been unexpectedly relieved of part of my workload so I shall resume my posting here. Remaining positive about everything, stuff like that happens. ;)


rainbow 11!
glad you're back!