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Sorry for my Absence


Registered Member
Sorry I'm not able to write much, but I've got to try to balance my work schedules as well as my free time. However, I will try to write as often as possible.


Well-Known Member
Penny! I was wondering what happened to you man! Thanks for the update. I hope you're able to get your work schedule balanced soon.

I look forward to your grand return to these forums! :)


I'm serious
Unacceptable. Where's your priorities, man?

Just kidding. We all get those times where we're busier with other things and don't have as much time to spend on GF as we would like. We do miss your threads and posts though, so I'm glad to see you will be back in full swing when you can.
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Free Spirit
Staff member
I know how work can be, so its understandable and hope everything is going well for you in that department. I will be glad when you start posting more, miss you being around.


Embrace the Suck
It's good to see you back my friend, and congrats on the new job. I hope it all works out well for you.


Registered Member
I've been working three weeks now and let me tell you, after some time off, I sometimes feel grumpy going back to work. However, my attitude eventually starts to get better as work towards my next few off days.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm glad to see that you're so dedicated to your new job! GF has been slow lately and it seems like life issues are getting between a lot of GF'ers and GF.


Creeping On You
No worries man! Life has to take precedence right? Good luck with your new job again, btw. GF will still be here when you have time.


aka ginger warlock
Hey Penny don't beat yourself up about it mate, as others have said work has to take priority over virtually everything else. I am glad things are going well for you.