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How sore do you guys get when you lift? Scale it one to ten.

Well If i dont miss any days I get to maybe a 5 tops. Say I skip a day though Ill be really sore the next day probably like a 8 or so.

My muscles dont get sore so much but they will get tight. Tight enough that it makes it hard to do routines.

I dont know if its bad but I stopped getting really sore probably 8 or so months ago...I change my routine and weights too so I think its odd.

How about you guys?


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When I firstly started gym, 4 days later, I was sore as a fuck. 100 out of 10!!

But now, I got used to it and I can classify my soreness 3/10.


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I am doing it. It's really hard, so I give up early. I might as well do, 60lbs x20