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Sore Loser


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Are you a sore loser? Well - Are you?
Are you a sore winner?

Or are you neither, or are you 'sorta a bit, sorta not' - or Both?

What are you?

Open discussion about sore losery/winnery-ness.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm a neither.

Whether I win or not, I'm more concerned with trying to have fun with whatever I'm doing. I'm a human being and I will be competitive when I'm playing a video game, shooting pool, playing poker, etc. but I also never take a loss with a problem.

I'm gracious in winning and just fine with losing; that's just how I am, I guess.


I don't understand the question in the first place.
Being a loser/winner has a lot of meanings.

Losing is normal, winning is great! I'm happy about the latter, I can't do anything about the first.


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Unity said it nicely- gracious with winning and fine with losing. You can't win all the time and you won't lose all the time. I try to make sure I am happy at the moment, but I am sure I wouldn't define myself as a sore loser.


Sultan of Swat
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I wouldn't say I'm a sore loser, but I hate losing. It's one of the worst feelings out there in my opinion. I'll shake hands afterwards, but I hate doing it because, I'm shaking hands with the players that beat my team. It just bugs the crap out of me to do so.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Sore winner? No, not at all. I never really celebrate or show up my opponent. I say good game and shake hands and that's about it. If the opponent was talking shit then I might have a little something extra to say.

Sore loser? I can be. If I feel like I was outplayed by someone better, then I'm very gracious in defeat and will congratulate the winner. If I'm beaten by luck, especially by an inferior opponent, then I get pissed and sometimes I'm not good at keeping it to myself.


No, I'm not a sore loser. In fact I grew up enjoying losing at most things, especially sports. I hate all the attention that usually comes with winning things.


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It feels much better to win. I totally agree with Unity, except when I'm playing at casinos. In that case there are serious consequences from my defeats: me losing (lots of) money...


Sally Twit
I'm not a sore loser by any means. If I was I don't think I'd ever play Poker with the GF folk. If I lose then I'll take it like a (wo)man.

As for being a sore winner, I don't class myself as one of those either. Being branded a 'winner' is good enough for me. No need to rub it in someone's FACE.


yellow 4!
I'm neither a sore winner or loser. I don't like competition (unless it's silly/fun/meaningless) so that kind of rules out any sore losery/winnery-ness, as you so eloquently put it. :lol:

I'm also not sure which is worse. Probably the winner one, and especially when it's not YOU that won, it's just a team you support.