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Awesome Soon . .


Problematic Shitlord
So I posted about this in my blog but I don't think anyone reads those things anymore.

About a week or two ago, my PC started having some serious problems. I feared the hard drive had crashed since I could not get it to start. I'm now a bit optimistic because it may be the motherboard, which would be fairly cheap and would not mean the loss of all my data. I have a laptop I've been loaned but it's very slow and not the most reliable machine so I will be around but not a whole lot. Hopefully, I will have a new PC in a week or two if my plans work out and I'll be back full time.

Just letting ya'll know.


Registered Member
Fingers crossed that it's just the motherboard thingy then. :)


Well-Known Member
From my experience, when the motherboard goes it takes other pieces with it.

I do look forward to your return to GF though Merc.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Hope its only the motherboard.

We miss you around here.